We love what we do here, at Albert Kaz Jewelry and nothing makes us happier than satisfied customers.  The following are just a few positive testimonials that our customers have written about us. Also, below are many examples of our custom work and the story behind each piece.  Many times, it is not the monetary value of jewelry that makes it so valuable and important, but the story and emotion behind it.  If you are a customer, we would love and appreciate if you told us your story about the work we have done for you.  We value you and your feedback.



Till It's Perfect

Albert has taken all steps to ensure our ring buying experience ran smooth. He was very personable asking and answering all questions. We felt it was the right fit the moment we stepped into his store. He sat us down and pulled up his paper pad to start drawing out designs for us. He will make sure everything is to your liking and won't stop helping till it's perfect. Thanks Albert!!

Utterly Unique

We went to Albert Kaz for my “mother’s ring.” I think most mother’s ring settings at the big chain jewelry stores are pretty lame, but I still loved the idea of the ring. I talked to Albert a little bit about my vague vision – I wanted something classic, unique, modern… I showed him a couple of rings I had pinned on Pinterest.


He listened, sketched, and suggested. He was totally patient when I couldn’t articulate what exactly I wanted, and he was responsive when I told him one of his sketches wasn’t what I had in mind. Though in one instance, when I said that one of the elements didn’t do it for me, he gently suggested that I reconsider something along those lines, giving me some compelling reasons – he got me to reconsider my ideas in a way that made sense, to the benefit of the design. I loved that he helped me push the right style boundaries.


The proof is in the results. My ring is absolutely stunning. It’s utterly unique. Somehow it feels both bold and subtle. I feel like it was what I had in mind, only so much better. Albert “got me” better than I did and put it in a gorgeous ring I get to look at and wear every day, and which I get so many compliments on. What a great experience, and a great way to commemorate my family (so much more elegant and personal than the normal mother’s rings settings)! I couldn’t be happier with it!

Truly a Master

After being a master jeweler for 35 years, I am now in a different industry and no longer create jewelry.  I can only design them on paper. So for my daughter's wedding I designed a pair of diamond earrings and a matching pendant.  After searching the web for a professional who can execute my design I came across Albert Kaz, and with no surprises and the help of his own guidance, he created the beautiful diamond earrings and pendant that I had in mind. He is truly a master at his craft, and I would highly recommend him because I know he puts his heart and soul into his work. Albert, thank you for your services, my family loved them!


I went in to get a ring to propose to my girlfriend about a month back. Albert helped me through the entire process, explaining what he was doing the entire time. As someone who isn't too familiar with jewelry, I learned a lot. The finished product was stunning! My girlfriend, now fiance, absolutely loves it! I would definitely recommend Albert Kaz Jewelry to anyone looking for good quality jewelry.