Albert Kaz Jewelry Designer


At the age of thirteen, Albert Kaz created his first piece of jewelry in his native country, Armenia. He transformed lead from a car battery into a simple cross. His talent was no surprise. The Kazanchyan Brothers Family has a history of metal crafting. He is a descendant of the Kazanjian Brothers Copper Company dating back to the 18th century western Armenia, today known as Turkey.
He began his journey of jewelry design and miniature carvings in the year 1976. Three years after, Albert graduated from Yerevan Academy of Fine Arts in 1979 where he studied Metal Art, Jewelry, and Bas Relief. He continued his education by taking advanced courses at the Gemological Institute of America.
For many years following, Albert studied antique jewelry techniques and dove into the research of Italian, French, and Russian antique and modern jewelry. He has become a master jeweler, a term applicable to only a handful of craftsmen in the industry. As a master jeweler, Albert Kaz is involved and responsible for the execution of each step in the process of turning an idea—a sketch—into a masterpiece. Beginning with the initial idea and traveling the path of pencil and paper, throughout the casting and the setting of stones, he handles each step with the same amount of care reflected in the original idea. As a master jeweler of 30 years, Albert’s experience and wisdom in the craft makes him a treasured source of expertise.
Albert combines the traditional art of jewelry making with modern technology, utilizing a state-of-the-art CAD CAM designing program, which allows him to create and print a 3D image and prototype.

Albert Kaz is an award winning master jeweler and designer who takes pride in his work and will stop at nothing to achieve customer satisfaction. His pieces reflect his precision, creativity, and passion.

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