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At Albert Kaz Jewelry, we are passionate about jewelry.  That passion shines though in our creative approach to jewelry design and our dedication to craftsmanship.  For that reason, we understand and appreciate the old traditions of jewelry making, while incorporating the newest technologies into our custom jewelry design.

Albert Kaz Jewelry was established in 2005 but Albert Kaz has been in the jewelry industry for almost 45 years.  Consequently, his years of experience shows in our vast collection of fine jewelry.  We have over 200 pieces of our own unique designs on display in our store.
Our designer is always creating new pieces to keep up with the latest styles and trends.

Before Albert Kaz Jewelry was established, Albert Kaz was working on the manufacturing end of fine jewelry.  Because of our rich manufacturing history, there is almost nothing we cannot do in terms of jewelry design and craftsmanship.  Here is the rest of our story.......


At the age of thirteen, Albert Kaz created his first piece of jewelry in his native country of Armenia. He took lead from a car battery and transformed it into a simple cross. His talent comes as no surprise as he is descended from the Kazanjian Brothers Copper Company.  This company dates back to the 18th century in western Armenia which is present day Turkey.

His journey began in 1976 when Albert Kaz enrolled in art school.  He graduated three years later from Yerevan Academy of Fine Arts.  There he studied Metal Art, Jewelry, and Bas Relief.  Albert continued his education by studying antique jewelry techniques.  He dove into the rich history of Italian, French, and Russian jewelry designs.  All the while, keeping up with the trends and technologies of modern jewelry making.  In addition, he has taken advanced courses at the Gemological Institute of America.


Albert is a master jeweler, which is a term applicable to only a handful of craftsmen in the industry. As a master jeweler, Albert Kaz is involved in executing each step in the jewelry making process.  Beginning with the initial idea and traveling the path of paper and pencil, he handles the casting and the setting of the stone to the final polishing stages.  Each step is handled with the same amount of care and expertise as was reflected in the original idea. As a master jeweler of 30 years, Albert’s experience and wisdom makes him a treasured source of expertise.

Albert combines the traditional ways of jewelry making while incorporating modern technologies.  He utilizes state-of-the-art CAD CAM, which allows him to create and print a 3D image and prototype.  Albert Kaz is an award winning master jeweler and designer who takes tremendous pride in his work.  Moreover, he will stop at nothing to achieve customer satisfaction. His pieces reflect his precision, creativity, and passion.


All of our jewelry is made start to finish in store at our on site design studio.  Therefore, we encourage all our customers to participate in each step of the design process. You can see your masterpiece come to life, from the initial CAD and rendering stages to the final polishing.

At Albert Kaz Jewelry, the majority of our jewelry is our own custom designs. If you are searching for a one of kind piece, our store and design studio is the best place to be.

Our designer has an almost limitless imagination when it comes to jewelry design. For this reason, there is no need for a catalog to choose your engagement ring. Albert uses his knowledge, creativity and innate listening skills to create the perfect engagement ring for you.

Not only do we make custom jewelry at Albert Kaz Jewelry.  We can, also, take your existing pieces of jewelry and enhance or create an entirely new piece. This is a particularly ideal option for pieces that have sentimental value.

When you hear the words “custom jewelry” you might immediately envision a huge price tag. We often have better prices than our larger competitors.  Likewise, we can guarantee a more rewarding and personal experience when shopping with us.

At Albert Kaz Jewelry we work with a wide variety of budgets to create custom engagement rings, wedding bands and anything you can imagine.

We do  more than just design custom jewelry.  Check out our services page for a complete list of services.