A New Life for Old Jewelry

We’ve all seen it. The treasured pieces from our past collecting dust in our jewelry boxes, still too valuable and cherished to toss out, yet they haven’t been worn in years. Maybe a stone or two is missing, maybe the ring is just a bit too tight, maybe those earrings just no longer fit your style. Whatever the case may be, there is still hope for a new life for your old jewelry.

Why hold on to old jewelry?
Aside from the inherent monetary value of jewelry, most pieces we own also hold a very touching and sentimental value. Oftentimes jewelry is given to us as gifts out of love, from a significant other, our best friend, our close family member. Additionally, jewelry is passed down from generations past, carrying with it stories and cherished memories of its previous owner. It’s human nature to want to hold on to physical symbols of those we love as well as adorn ourselves with them to showcase the love we have for these people and cherished memories. This is what makes jewelry so special. Not the value of the pieces and their appraisals, but rather the symbolism they carry for us.

What can be done to revive these pieces?
So it all depends on the piece, what it means to you, and the new life you envision for it. Then in the end, you are now able to wear with pride the jewelry you once tossed to the side. One way to revive your old jewelry is by taking parts of the pieces you have and incorporating them into an entirely new piece. This way, the original jewelry is carried over into the new and still holds the sentimental value with it. We have an example below of Albert’s take on some old earrings and rings a client no longer wore and wanted redone into something new. The ring came out beautifully and she was absolutely thrilled with the finished piece.

But let’s say the piece you have truly fits your style, you love the piece but it’s a bit tarnished beyond normal repair or the original design simply wasn’t made to last over the generations you’ve saved it for. Below we have another example of a ring redesigned from its original piece, made to last. Although an entirely new piece, it holds very similar design aspects simply modernized to enhance the engraved detail, along with updated bezels to properly keep the stones in place. The client was more than thrilled to have her new ring and see her old design come back to life.

So when is the right time to revamp old jewelry?
Be honest with yourself, it's probably time to revamp if you've stumbled across old pieces you forgot you even had. If you keep telling yourself you’ll wear them one day and one day isn’t happening, it’s probably time to revamp. Most certainly if your jewelry is giving you those sad puppy dog eyes of “Why won’t you wear me anymore?” it’s definitely time to revamp. If you can’t come up with the right choice for yourself and need a push in the right direction, set up an appointment with Albert and let him help envision the new life of your old jewelry!

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