Rules of Engagement: What You Need To Know When Shopping For An Engagement Ring

What You Need To Know When Shopping For an Engagement Ring

As we head into the holiday season most of us think of caramel apples, turkey dinners and Christmas trees. However, good food and festive decor isn't the only things we can anticipate this time of year. The holidays bring about romantic and creative proposals, but what’s a proposal without the right ring.   How do you go about shopping for an engagement ring?

For men, shopping for an engagement ring is about as daunting as slaying a dragon.  And ladies, we do not make it any easier for them. By saying things like, “surprise me” while nonchalantly leaving our Pinterest page open. The truth is finding the right engagement ring is an overwhelming experience.  If you follow the rules below you can reduce your anxiety and navigate the process with ease

RULE #1: Research what you want


Whether you are the one popping the question or the one anticipating the proposal, it is imperative that you have a sense of what you want in a ring. The Internet is a convenient way to browse rings and get a sense of what you want. However, everything looks different when you try it on. So when shopping for an engagement ring it is a good idea to go into a few stores and try on rings.

Guys probably have a preference for what type of ring they would like to see on their lady’s finger, but keep in mind that she is the one wearing it. However, this ring represents both of you, so adding your personal touch is perfectly acceptable. Ladies you may want to be surprised but a little direction can go a long way. Let your guy know the shape of stone, style and metal you like and then let them figure out the rest. If you truly do want to be surprised and your man has great tastes than by all means, sit back and relax!

Rule #2: Give yourself enough time.

Making decisions under pressure is not always the best, especially when it comes to shopping for an engagement ring. While buying the ring doesn’t take long at all, the process of choosing the ring may prove otherwise. It’s best to have at least 2 months to browse different options and narrow down your search. If you are planning to design a custom ring, you should give yourself a little extra time. Custom designs don’t have to be time consuming, are not as pricy or complicated as you would think. But if you have limited time, let your jeweler know up front so they make your ring a priority. I’ve seen Albert produce some of the most beautiful custom rings in just a few days.

Rule #3: Educate yourself.

Having some basic knowledge of diamonds will help you better communicate with your jeweler and feel confident with your purchase when shopping of an engagement ring. Knowing the 4 C’s will help you to choose the right stone for your setting and budget. The 4 C’s include: Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat.

The Cut is the shape of your stone, such as square, oval, cushion, emerald, etc. The Cut should complement your setting, maximize the visibility and shine of your diamond. When it comes to color, the less you have the higher the price. It is rare to find a diamond that is entirely colorless, but if you buy a diamond in the G-J range the color will be very difficult to notice without magnification.

Clarity is the measure of flaws in the diamond rated on a scale from flawless to visible inclusions. Any diamond within the range of VVS1 to VS2, is going to be a quality diamonds whose flaws you will not be able to see with the naked eye. Carat is the weight of the diamond, the greater the weight, the higher the price. If you’d rather not take my word for it, you can research the 4 C’s yourself at the Gemological Institute of America or EGL USA Gemological Laboratory websites. Here is a great YouTube video to check out before shopping for an engagement ring:

Rule #4: Establish your budget.

You need to know how much you’re willing to spend before you sit down with your jeweler. Telling your jeweler your budget might feel like you are exposing your hand of cards.  But I can’t tell you how many times customers resist telling Albert their budget only to find that once they do the process becomes so much easier. Once your jeweler knows your budget they can give you options based on your price range. They can also inform you of modifications that can be made in order to get the right ring at the right price. Keep in mind the center stone will be the majority of the cost, which is why knowing the 4 C’s will help you shave some expense, as well.

Rule #5: Take pride in your purchase.

Buying an engagement ring is a huge decision and can be quite terrifying, but it is something to be celebrated! It is a symbol of the new season you are moving into and should come with a sense of pride. I can’t tell you how excited I get when a customer comes to pick up their ring. Even playing a small role in their journey gives me a sense of how special and important the step they’re taking is. The anticipation is contagious! So now that you know the “Rules of Engagement” come visit us at Albert Kaz Jewelry so you can try them out!

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