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Alterations and Redesigns

Do you need to breathe new life into an existing piece of jewelry?  Or do you have a piece of jewelry that is just not very comfortable to wear?  Let us, at Albert Kaz Jewelry help you!  Alterations and redesigns are amazing services for those who have an existing piece of jewelry that is valuable or personally meaningful.


A great way to make a piece of jewelry more functional in your life is to make alterations to it.  Perhaps you have job or hobby where your wedding and engagement rings get in the way.  Or maybe a particular piece of jewelry is uncomfortable to wear.  Alterations are a great way to fix these problems and make your jewelry more wearable.  They may include new additions to a piece of jewelry or the removal of certain parts of the design. For example, the ring pictured below had a hinge added to it.  When resizing an arthritic customer's wedding ring wasn't the answer to making her wedding ring fit properly.  Our designer had a better idea, add a hinge to the ring.  Making the ring expand to fit over the knuckle but still fit tight around the finger without sliding around.



Redesigning a piece of jewelry is a perfect way to update a piece in your collection, particularly if it is valuable.  It is, also, great for those who want to pass on jewelry in the family. While being able to adjust the jewelry to the uniqueness of the person receiving it.  Or perhaps you would like to add a larger center stone to your existing engagement ring.  We can help with any of these and so much more, the possibilities are almost endless.  You will sit down with our designer and he will make recommendations as to what can and cannot be done to an existing piece of jewelry. For instance, the ring picture below is a great example of taking a ring with sentimental value and updating it so it has a more modern and elegant feel.

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