Utterly Unique

We went to Albert Kaz for my “mother’s ring.” I think most mother’s ring settings at the big chain jewelry stores are pretty lame, but I still loved the idea of the ring. I talked to Albert a little bit about my vague vision – I wanted something classic, unique, modern… I showed him a couple of rings I had pinned on Pinterest.


He listened, sketched, and suggested. He was totally patient when I couldn’t articulate what exactly I wanted, and he was responsive when I told him one of his sketches wasn’t what I had in mind. Though in one instance, when I said that one of the elements didn’t do it for me, he gently suggested that I reconsider something along those lines, giving me some compelling reasons – he got me to reconsider my ideas in a way that made sense, to the benefit of the design. I loved that he helped me push the right style boundaries.


The proof is in the results. My ring is absolutely stunning. It’s utterly unique. Somehow it feels both bold and subtle. I feel like it was what I had in mind, only so much better. Albert “got me” better than I did and put it in a gorgeous ring I get to look at and wear every day, and which I get so many compliments on. What a great experience, and a great way to commemorate my family (so much more elegant and personal than the normal mother’s rings settings)! I couldn’t be happier with it!