After ring shopping and visiting all the big name shops for what seemed like an eternity, once we stepped into Alberts store and saw his quality and designs, I knew this is where I'd get my ring. All other shops say you can customize a ring and make it your own, when in reality, your taking the same ring design someone else has in town and making very minor tweaks to it. In the end, you may have the same ring as someone else just in a different metal color (ex: instead of yellow gold you're "customizing it" and getting it white.) Not with Albert! He makes each ring custom, so you know your piece is one of a kind. During the design consultation, I mentioned to him my vision for the ring, what styles my fiancé liked and he made notes of everything I said. A couple of weeks later, he called me and told me he had a mold of the ring. I went into his shop and was amazed by his concept and what he came up with. He took all my ideas and morphed it into this phenomenal ring. To be amazed at a ring with no diamonds or "bling" in it yet, should tell you how amazing his work and quality is. During this meeting, I asked if I could add a minor change to the ring to make it even more personal and meaningful to my fiancé and me. He got on his computer and showed me what it would look like with the changes. I didn't have to wait days or weeks to see if I would like my idea and changes, he showed me right there on the spot. We agreed on everything with the design and told me he'd try and get it done ASAP. I expected a couple of weeks turnaround time, but I got a call not long after from him letting me know that my ring was done. When I went in to pick it up, my jaw dropped. The ring and his craftsmanship was mind blowing. You can tell by the quality and attention to detail, that he takes pride in his work. He wants you to receive something that not only you'd be happy with, but that he'd be proud to have his name attached to as well. Albert and his crew provided phenomenal customer service, were knowledgeable in the field and take pride in their work. Thank you for providing my fiancé and me with something we're extremely proud to show off. The ring gets a ridiculous amount of praise and comments.