Design Process

This is a wonderful place to buy jewelry, whether you want a custom design or something that's in the showcase.The owner/designer, Albert, worked with my fiance and I to create the designs for our wedding rings. We didn't have a clear vision on what we wanted when we came in. He asked us questions to narrow down our preferences. Before making the physical rings, he made virtual rings on his computer for us to approve.  So my fiance and I could make changes before the products were created.

The actual rings turned out beautiful! My fiance and I are very happy. Our rings cost the same as in stores that have premade jewelry. We enjoyed being part of the process of creating our rings.  We found the price to be a better value than buying something generic at a chain store.

However, if you would rather pick something out right away instead of going through the design process, Albert had gorgeous rings of his own design in the store.