We love what we do here, at Albert Kaz Jewelry and nothing makes us happier than satisfied customers.  The following are just a few positive testimonials that our customers have written about us. Also, below are many examples of our custom work and the story behind each piece.  Many times, it is not the monetary value of jewelry that makes it so valuable and important, but the story and emotion behind it.  If you are a customer, we would love and appreciate if you told us your story about the work we have done for you.  We value you and your feedback.



So Beautiful

I took an older family heirloom watch in to have it fixed.  This is crazy...but when I went to pick it up I was knocked off my feet. Albert had polished the whole thing. Band and all. Replaced the crystal and made this watch, which is my very favorite watch, into something that I almost am afraid to wear.  It is so beautiful.  Man these people know what they are doing!!!

Honest Service

Honest service and fast. Came in to get a strap repair for my Stürling watch and the owner is very professional and appears very devoted to giving the best possible experience for his customers. I would definitely recommend going in and taking a look around the store. The pieces in the display are beautiful and there was very nice black poodle to greet you as well. The store is very clean and stylish. Good atmosphere.


custom design black diamond men's white gold wedding band
 Customer Service

I stumbled across Albert Kaz Jeweler while looking for someone to repair my favorite Bulova watch. I was looking online for jewelers and started to go down the list making calls. It was about 6:59pm and most of these shops were closing at 7:00pm. Out of about 7 places, NONE OF THEM ANSWERED, except for Albert's shop. I'm big on customer service and I felt like that was an effortless display of showing good customer service.

I ended up visiting his store, we spoke for a while about repairing my watch. He suggested that I take it back to where I purchased it and they could possibly fix it under warranty. He proceeded to give me advice about other places that I could try to get it fixed. We talked for about 30 to 40 minutes. I was surprised that he was willing to spend that much time with me knowing I had no intention of purchasing anything from his store. Mind you I walked into the store wearing all my Raider gear. I usually don't get great customer service while wearing my Raider gear because of the stereotypes. LOL

I tried taking my watch back to Macys where I had purchased it to see if they would help me with a repair. They were very rude and abrupt and seemed to have no interest in trying to help me whatsoever. They actually wanted to charge me more to fix it then I initially paid for the watch.

I ended up coming back to Albert to see what he could do. He explained to me that he would need a couple of weeks with the watch so he could take it to Jewelers gathering in Los Angeles. I was completely okay with that, I just wanted it to get fixed. Apparently the watch had a crystal face which was something that Albert did not carry for repairs. He ended up getting the Crystal in L.A. and was able to fix my watch.  So I was as happy as I could be!

I also had an upcoming wedding and still was unable to find an engagement ring for myself. I had searched every store in Fresno and was unsuccessful in finding a ring that I liked. Then it dawned on me to go back to Albert, since he had such great customer service. Albert ended up designing a custom engagement ring for me with black and white diamonds. It was beautiful! I fell in love with the ring more than I was in love with my soon-to-be wife! Albert's customer service is stellar! I was amazed that the guy was willing to help me regardless of knowing whether or not I was going to be spending any money there. Now that's what you call customer service! I recommend Albert anybody even if you're a Raider fan!