Engagement Ring with a Special Hinge Feature for Arthritis

Special Engagement Ring

We do so much more at Albert Kaz Jewelry than just create unique custom jewelry.  We can take your existing pieces of jewelry and enhance or create an entirely new piece of custom jewelry. This is a particularly ideal option for those pieces that have sentimental value.  Perhaps even more important, is our designer's ability to rework a treasured piece of jewelry to solve a problem so that you can continue to enjoy your jewelry.

A Problem Solved

Here is a review on  Yelp  from a customer who was having a problem with her wedding band and her mother's ring.  Albert assisted her in taking a couple pieces of treasured jewelry and making it more wearable in her everyday life.......

"Not only does Albert Kaz have a fabulous selection of fine jewelry, he is truly interested in helping you solve any issues with your own jewelry.  Arthritis has affected my joints so that I could no longer wear my wedding ring and my mother's ring, which I cherish.  Albert re-sized both rings, but my wedding ring was too loose after enlarging it to fit over the knuckle.

This was a challenge Albert took personally, and he came up with a unique solution, making a ring that opens slightly in front around the large diamond to slide over the finger,, then closing in a good fit around my finger.

I am so happy with my new ring; it retained the original design with some added stones, and after 60 years of marriage, it should last the rest of my journey.  Albert, his wife and staff are so friendly and accommodating, I would not think of going anywhere else."


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