April’s Birthstone: Diamonds The Gem of Strength

April's Birthstone: Diamonds, the Gem of Strength April's birthstone, the diamond, is so much more than just "A Girl's Best Friend" as Marilyn Monroe famously once said.  They are tightly condensed carbon crystals formed miles under the Earth's surface, thus making diamonds the hardest gemstone reaching a 10 on the Mohs Hardness Scale.  Diamonds are…
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A Story of What Custom Jewelry Really Is

What Does Custom Jewelry Really Mean? The word custom gets tossed around a lot these days: it seems like everyone has a custom designed something or other for sale.  This is especially true in the jewelry industry, where many jewelers offer their own version of custom jewelry. But what does it really mean to buy…
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A Couple in love!

A Couple in Love:  Peter & Janice's Love Story... There’s nothing more fun than working with a couple in love. When Peter, a long-time customer, brought Janice into our store, we knew that we were in for a treat!  Right away the jokes and stories began to roll.  We had so much fun with them…
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