We love what we do here, at Albert Kaz Jewelry and nothing makes us happier than satisfied customers.  The following are just a few positive testimonials that our customers have written about us. Also, below are many examples of our custom work and the story behind each piece.  Many times, it is not the monetary value of jewelry that makes it so valuable and important, but the story and emotion behind it.  If you are a customer, we would love and appreciate if you told us your story about the work we have done for you.  We value you and your feedback.




I got a custom made engagement ring from Albert a few weeks ago. It was nothing short of a masterpiece. He was very flexible and let me see the progress on the ring whenever I wanted. My fiancé immediately broke down and cried after seeing her dream ring in person. I would definitely recommend Albert over any other jeweler because you won't find someone more committed to making you a product you love; nor someone who takes more pride in what they do.


My fiancé and I were looking for someone who could help us in a unique way. Her diamond was an heirloom from her great grandma and about 100 years old from Italy where her grandparents lived. We needed a jeweler that would be able to not let the diamond out of our sight. You'd think this would be a simple task, however, we quickly realized not many jewelers allowed such a request. Understandably so. Fortunately, we crossed paths with Albert Kaz and it was the best thing that could've happened.

Albert was very understanding of our situation and was more than willing to allow us to be there every step of the way.  From taking the diamond out to putting the diamond in. He customized my fiancées ring to exactly what we imagined and it came out beautifully. He also appraised the ring with the diamond in the new setting and normally this is something that has to get sent off to a lab. But he was able to do for us.

So if your looking for someone who is nice, helpful, patient, trustworthy and does amazing work then go with Albert Kaz. He's truly the best thing that happened to us in my search for the perfect compliment to my fiancées diamond heirloom. Her ring is one of a kind because it was made by Albert and not a designer.

 Unique Solution

Not only does Albert Kaz have a fabulous selection of fine jewelry.  He is truly interested in helping  you solve any issues with your own jewelry.  Arthritis has affected my joints so that I could no longer wear my wedding ring and my mother's ring, which I cherish.  Albert re-sized both rings, but my wedding ring was too loose after enlarging it to fit over the knuckle.


This was a challenge Albert took personally.  He came up with a unique solution, making a ring that opens slightly in front around the large diamond to slide over the finger, then closing in a good fit around my finger. I am so happy with my new ring; it retained the original design with some added stones, and after 60 years of marriage, it should last the rest of my journey.  Albert, his wife, and staff are so friendly and accommodating, I would not think of going anywhere else.

Welcoming Atmosphere 

It was no coincidence that my Fiancé and I stumbled into Albert's one day. We were out looking at Engagement rings at all the typical jewelry stores. My fiancé was very adamant that he wanted me to have the ring of my dreams and not just another ring that looked like everyone else's. He looked up jewelers on Yelp and Albert's was the first to come up. He had amazing ratings and was right around the corner. So we both said why not!


Giving Albert and Victoria only 5 stars is not enough! Their welcoming personalities, their knowledge, the excellent and constant form of communication, and welcoming atmosphere instantly drew us both in. Albert asked all the right questions, he reassured me I'd be able to make a custom ring to my own style and specifications and that I'd be going along with him during the entire designing process. He did not let me down!


Albert does some beautiful work and I constantly felt like I was truly being listened too and was constantly being reassured by him that its not about the cost of the ring to him, it's about him creating a work of art that I'll be wearing on my finger for the rest of my life. He did not disappoint! Even through my many times of indecisiveness, Albert worked very hard to make sure I was 100% satisfied. He stayed within my Fiance's budget and created the most beautiful ring I've ever seen! So thankful to have stumbled into his store, I can't imagine going anywhere else! You will not be disappointed and you can be at ease knowing your custom work is in some very talented hands!