You can find engagement rings anywhere, make yours a masterpiece designed and crafted especially for you by Albert Kaz Jewelry.

    Jewelry Expertise


    At Albert Kaz Jewelry, we are passionate about jewelry.  That passion shines though in our creative approach to jewelry design and our meticulous dedication to our craftsmanship.  We understand and appreciate the old traditions of jewelry making, while incorporating the newest technologies into our custom jewelry design.

    Albert Kaz Jewelry was established in 2005 but Albert Kaz has been in the jewelry industry for almost 40 years.  His years of experience shows in our vast collection of fine jewelry.  We have over 200 pieces of our own unique designs on display in our showroom and our designer is always creating new pieces to keep up with the latest styles and trends.

    At Albert Kaz Jewelry, we enjoy all aspects of custom jewelry design; however, we take a special interest in creating one of a kind engagement rings. Perhaps it has to do with the significance of what that particular piece of jewelry stands for.  But what we know for sure is we love helping our clients articulate their feelings and personality in such a monumental moment in their lives.

    We are meticulously dedicated to our standard of excellence and the happiness of our clients. Because of this, all our jewelry is made in house with the highest standards in the industry and all of our work and designs have a 100% warranty. In addition to a full warranty, we offer our clients who design a custom piece of jewelry one free redesign within 12 months of purchase. Although rare, we understand that unforeseen problems may occur after the design has reached completion.  Furthermore, we want each custom piece of jewelry we create to be cherished for a lifetime.  Stop in and see for yourself what a beautiful and unique jewelry store we have!

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