We love what we do here, at Albert Kaz Jewelry and nothing makes us happier than satisfied customers.  The following are just a few positive testimonials that our customers have written about us. Also, below are many examples of our custom work and the story behind each piece.  Many times, it is not the monetary value of jewelry that makes it so valuable and important, but the story and emotion behind it.  If you are a customer, we would love and appreciate if you told us your story about the work we have done for you.  We value you and your feedback.



Phenomenal Results

We came to Albert with an engagement ring that we needed fixed and wedding bands added to it. He completely rebuilt our original ring and added two wedding bands with phenomenal results. He really listened to our concerns and hopes and took the time to incorporate our thoughts into the design process. Because of this I came back to him to make a wedding present and my own wedding ring. He created a beautiful custom design and completed it affordably. His work and customer service are impeccable, I will always go back to Albert.


Albert completely blew me away when I came to him to design a wedding band for my intricate engagement ring. I went to numerous shops that tried to sell me on a basic band, but nothing worked with my ring. Albert listened to my ideas and handcrafted the most magnificent piece of art to complement the ornate detail of my ring. He was very knowledgeable, personable, and a true artist. His craftsmanship and attention to detail was evident by how cohesive the band and ring looked. I truly enjoyed learning not only about the process of his custom jewelry, but also Albert himself. I highly recommend Albert to create any type of jeweler you can imagine. His artistic talent of crafting jewelry sets him aside from all the other boring and commercial jewelry shops in Fresno.

 Years of Expertise

By far the best jewelry store I've ever been to. Albert's custom jewelry is second to none. I came in to his shop and had a few ideas of what I thought I wanted for my now fiancé engagement ring and trusted Albert to make it happen. Not only did he meet what I had in mind, he went above and beyond of what I was expecting. Beautiful is an understatement.

Not only was I truly happy with his work, he was so friendly and easy going. He welcomed me to be apart of the ring making process, every step of the way. That's something no other place would let you. He is hands down the best in the valley and I would definitely do business with Albert again. You can literally come in with pictures or and idea of what u want and let him take over with his years of expertise and know that you are getting quality back for any budget you have.

My fiancé was so happy when I proposed to her, she couldn't stop talking about all the intricacies and details that Albert helped make happen for us. I would refer Albert to anyone I hear talk about custom rings or jewelry before they go elsewhere and overpay for less quality and durability. Highly, highly recommend!


I got a custom made engagement ring from Albert a few weeks ago. It was nothing short of a masterpiece. He was very flexible and let me see the progress on the ring whenever I wanted. My fiancé immediately broke down and cried after seeing her dream ring in person. I would definitely recommend Albert over any other jeweler because you won't find someone more committed to making you a product you love; nor someone who takes more pride in what they do.